Our focus this week was on building credibility for your site through links and understanding Google Analytics tools. Link building is an important part of SEO, and can become an unending task to keep up with once your name is out there. I found myself much less invested in link building than I was in Google Analytics. Exploring the Google Analytics framework was interesting and surprisingly intuitive. The amount of math and stats pre-built into it give a very full picture of what’s happening in a given situation. Such effective tracking can deliver a lot of info for accurate decision making. Seeing the dashboard full of content got me excited even though it was demo content. Something about seeing measured progress is always fulfilling. I’ve experienced the same thing in previous web projects as you pour effort into something and see the climbing stat bars as your work becomes experiences and success. The key is always the effort that comes first, the grind from nothing to something, no matter how slow and painful. Hard work targeted correctly produces positive results.

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