Our focus this week was using strategy, networking, and SEO through social media to spread awareness and obtain conversions. Social media is now one of the largest business advertisement realms, where users are exposed to the purpose and value of your company and products while seeking entertainment and connection. A business without social media can miss out on important publicity, customer feedback, and market share. 

That said, I don’t currently have a timeline for setting up social media for my own business site. My customer base is one of the least present on social media, and the site and Google ads SEO and presence requires a lot more optimization before I can build a healthy presence on social media.

One of the most important principles related to social media for business I’ve learned is that it’s all about what you can give to the customer. When your advertisements, posts, and presence can provide something interesting or valuable to a customer, your advertisements are no longer an inconvenience, they’re a blessing. It’s a simple relationship principle – if you’re focused only on what you can get, people will be turned off and offended. If you seek to fill needs and give things of value, people will naturally reciprocate. True principles apply to business just as they apply to life.

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