This week, I’m tired. It’s been quite a homework week for several of my classes, and the Google Ads project has finally reached the major checkpoint: going live. We’ve prepared for this so incrementally throughout the semester that it’s strange to come to the jumping off point, turn your ads live, and watch them go.

Having a good ROI and fine tuning ads was the focus of this week, but what I got out was different. The way we prepared for so long to launch the campaign made me think of a general conference talk about ‘our 60 seconds’. The talk speaks of how athletes prepare for years for a perfect 60 second run or performance. I’m starting to think I like the ad campaign as a better analogy.

You spend a long time researching, preparing, building your own outline, target path, and presentation. You strive not for a perfect performance, because that doesn’t exist, but just to perform well. You measure costs and analyze opportunity. As you go along, you see things that aren’t performing well for you, are costing you too much, or aren’t contributing to your success. It takes course adjustments to stay on a path of positive performance. Ultimately, as you work hard you find success, both in your own goals and meeting the needs and desires of others. I think that is much more like life than a dashing 60 seconds of brilliant near-perfection. It takes time, patience, attention, and consistency.

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