Our task this week was to get inside the head of a consumer and identify what keywords to use in targeting our advertising. We did this with the Google Ads keyword planner. Input your website address and a product name/category and viola! Google will give you tons of suggestions.

Finding the good ones and weeding out the bad ones comes down to being specific enough to target your niche (don’t be advertising towards ‘shoes’ if you’re only selling holiday slippers) but not being so specific that you lose out on sales because people don’t happen to search your overly specific phrase (like advertising with only the keyword ‘reindeer slippers’ when you sell all kinds of holiday footwear).

Negative keywords allow you to rule out searchers who may be looking for something similar to, but not actually your product. In ‘holiday footwear’, I might exclude searches including ‘halloween’ if I don’t sell halloween products, or if I want to avoid getting lumped into halloween costume searches. Ultimately, good keywords are the key to making sure the customers looking for you actually find you.

This prompts an interesting reflective thought. What are the keywords of my life? If someone was looking for me, what would they search for? In dating (that’s a whole world) do I represent my keywords, the most important things to me? Am I searchable and obvious, delivering what I really am? At a deeper level, what are the keywords to my soul? If the Lord was searching for his people based on his keywords, would he find me?

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