In MKT250 this week at BYU-Idaho we discussed one of the digital marketing topics I feel most passionate about: site design. It was a good and interesting recap for me to reflect on how my own efforts as a site designer have grown and to observe professionalism or the lack of it in internet sites. We also visited to process of payments on a website and how to integrate that seamlessly and aesthetically.

I’ve felt strongly about site design since I started my first blog as a 10-year-old. I remember spending hours scrolling through WordPress themes and pictures to find just the right layout. Nothing is more gross than a 90s HTML layout with Times New Roman 11pt font and the four misaligned text columns. Websites have evolved gradually from their inception as plain, informative data centers to a true art form where every piece of information is expected to be delivered with taste and style. There’s a lot that goes into what that means, and either you see it or you don’t. Training an eye for design takes time, observation, and awareness.

Take home message: professional site design, a clear call to action, and a simple, integrated payment process lead to more conversions.

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