Hi! I’m Caleb Young – Designer, filmmaker, photographer

I’ve been a tech nerd ever since I can remember. No matter what you catch me doing – customizing the perfect website, designing a catchy ad, filming interviews, flying drones, or taking pictures – you’ll see the passion and talent I have for it. I’m no professional, and I think that’s one of my strengths. There’s a sense of style and attitude I bring to projects that comes straight from my farm-grown Idahoan roots: hard work, problem solving, people skills, and precise execution.

I’ve been creating websites, designing ads, and running cameras since I was 15. I’m now over 5 years into this adventure and can’t wait to see where it takes me next. I’m currently studying web design at BYU-Idaho and managing four other websites (not counting this one). It’s my dream to bring into reality untold stories and forgotten tales – to uncover the depths of human thought.

I accept private clients for film and website projects, as well as recruitment opportunities. Please reach out and talk with me!

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